King PRO boxing boxing gloves - BG SPARTAN 3

Introducing the 'King Pro Boxing' Spartan Series boxing gloves - designed to awaken the warrior within.

Pay homage to the brave Spartans of ancient Greece with these top-quality gloves, built to enhance your training and performance.

Featuring a snug fit and top-quality multi-layered padding, these gloves provide the perfect combination of comfort and protection for your daily training sessions.

The padding is designed to absorb impact and distribute force evenly, reducing the risk of injury and enabling you to train with confidence.

Trusted by hundreds of professional fighters around the world and tested in the best gyms in Thailand, 'King Pro Boxing' gear delivers unrivaled performance and durability.

You can trust in the quality and craftsmanship of these gloves to elevate your training experience.

The Spartan Series gloves boast warrior-like artwork, capturing the essence of strength, courage, and resilience.

The aesthetic design adds a touch of inspiration and motivation to your training, reminding you of the warrior spirit that lies within.

These gloves feature a long wrap around velcro closure, ensuring a secure and adjustable fit that stays in place throughout your training sessions.

The attachment of the thumbs adds stability and prevents accidental thumb injuries, allowing you to train with peace of mind.

The outer shell of the Spartan Series gloves is made from Pellis vegan nappa leather, providing a durable and ethically responsible option for combat sports gear.

The padded palm offers added protection and support, while the tight fit ensures optimum control and responsiveness during your workouts.

Unleash your inner Spartan with the 'King Pro Boxing' Spartan Series gloves, designed with the needs of warriors in mind.

Dominate your training sessions and embrace the warrior spirit with these gloves that combine performance, style, and a nod to ancient Greece's fearless warriors.

  • Hand made in Thailand
  • Professional quality
  • Multi layered foam padding
  • Velcro closure
  • Pellis leather outer shell
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