King PRO boxing boxing gloves - BG THOR GREEN

Introducing the 'King Pro Boxing' THOR Series boxing gloves - a formidable choice for fighters seeking superior craftsmanship and support.

Handcrafted in Thailand with utmost care and precision, these gloves live up to their namesake, embodying strength and power.

Featuring strong artwork that reflects the spirit of the mighty Thor, these gloves make a bold statement in the ring.

The attention to detail in the design is evident, showcasing the dedication and artistry that goes into crafting each pair.

Tested by fighters for fighters, these gloves have undergone rigorous testing in Thailand, the home of Muay Thai and renowned for its elite training facilities.

You can trust in the performance and reliability of these gloves, knowing they have been put to the test by professionals.

Handmade in Thailand, these gloves are built to last. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures durability, making them a long-lasting companion for your training sessions.

The gloves provide optimal support for your hands and wrists, giving you the confidence to push your limits and improve your skills.

With a long Velcro closure, these gloves offer a secure and adjustable fit that stays in place during intense workouts. The thumbs are attached, providing stability and safeguarding against potential thumb injuries.

Made from high-quality cowhide leather, these gloves offer the perfect balance of durability and flexibility. The natural properties of cowhide leather allow for breathability and comfort, ensuring a comfortable fit even during extended training sessions. The padded palm provides added protection and support, reducing the risk of impact-related injuries.

Designed with a tight fit, these gloves offer enhanced control and responsiveness. This allows you to execute precise techniques while maintaining a secure and comfortable grip.

Embrace the power of the Thor Series gloves from 'King Pro Boxing' - handcrafted in Thailand with a commitment to quality and performance.

Equip yourself with gloves that exude strength and offer unmatched support for your hands and wrists, so you can unleash your full potential in the ring.

  • Professional quality
  • High quality cowhide leather
  • Velcro closure
  • Padded palm
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