King PRO boxing boxing gloves - BG LACES 1

Introducing the 'King Pro Boxing' Lace Up gloves, meticulously handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Thailand.

These boxing gloves are made with the finest materials, ensuring professional-grade quality and performance.

The outer shell of the gloves is crafted from the finest selection of cowhide leather, providing durability, longevity, and a premium feel.

The use of this high-quality leather enhances the gloves' resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that they stand up to the demands of your toughest training sessions.

Designed with safety in mind, these gloves feature multi-layered foam padding to effectively absorb impact and protect your hands.

The attached thumb design adds an extra level of safety, preventing accidental eye pokes and injuries during training.

Emblazoned with the iconic 'King Pro Boxing' logo, these gloves exude style and brand recognition.

The logo placement adds a touch of authenticity and sets them apart from other gloves.

Lace-up gloves are the choice of many professional fighters for training due to their secure and snug fit.

The lace-up closure system allows you to customize the tightness of the gloves, ensuring a personalized fit that enhances your performance and minimizes the risk of slippage.

Elevate your training and experience the quality and craftsmanship that only 'King Pro Boxing' can deliver with their Lace Up Gloves.

Whether you're a professional fighter or a dedicated enthusiast, these gloves offer the perfect combination of comfort, protection, and style.

Choose the 'King Pro Boxing' Lace Up Gloves and unleash the champion within.

  • Top quality cowhide leather
  • Professional quality
  • Multi layered foam padding

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