King PRO Boxing Shinguards - SG Spartan 3

Introducing the 'Spartan' Shinguards, a powerful and bold addition to your combat sports gear. These shinguards are identical to our popular SGL-7 model in terms of their construction and functionality, but with a brand new artwork inspired by the legendary Spartans of ancient Greece.

Just like the SGL-7 shinguards, the 'Spartan' shinguards are designed to enhance your performance during full contact training.

Their lightweight and ergonomically shaped construction allows for superb maneuverability, giving you the flexibility to execute strikes and moves with precision.

You can move confidently and fluidly, knowing that these shinguards won't hinder your mobility.

To ensure a secure and stable fit, these shinguards feature two hook and loop velcro closures at the back.

These closures keep the shinguards in place, preventing any unnecessary shifting or readjustments during training.

The strong elastic foot strap adds an extra level of security for your foot, allowing you to move with confidence and stability.

Crafted from premium high-quality materials, the 'Spartan' shinguards offer durability, longevity, and easy maintenance.

The synthetic leather used in their construction provides the necessary strength to withstand the demands of full contact training.

The unique and bold artwork inspired by the Spartan warriors adds a touch of power and style to your training gear, reflecting the namesake's strength and heritage.

Embrace the spirit of the Spartans and enhance your training experience with the 'Spartan' shinguards.

Trust in their superior protection, comfort, and maneuverability, just like the acclaimed SGL-7 shinguards.

Whether you're a kickboxer, Muay Thai fighter, or involved in MMA, these shinguards are designed to deliver performance and make a statement.

Elevate your training and honor the legacy of the Spartans with the 'Spartan' shinguards.

  • Professional quality
  • Hand made in Thailand
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